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I have a Window (win32 API) Application in visual c++. I am not using MFC. I have to add a picutre box to my application and Change the image of this picture box periodically. Can any one help me out in achieving the above task? Thanks in advance.

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This is quite a complex task to post full code here, but I will try to give a few guidelines on how to do it:

First method is to load the image and paint it

  1. Load your image (unfortunately the plain Win32 API has support for quite a few image formats BMP, ICO ...).

  2. Store the handle above somewhere in your application where you can access it from your WindowProcedure

  3. In the WinProc on the WM_PAINT message you will need to paint the image. The code is something like:

    HDC hdcMem = CreateCompatibleDC(hDC); // hDC is a DC structure supplied by Win32API
    SelectObject(hdcMem, hImage);
    	hDC,         // destination DC
    	left,        // x upper left
    	top,         // y upper left
    	width,       // destination width
    	height,      // destination height
    	hdcMem,	     // you just created this above
    	0,			// x and y upper left
    	w,			// source bitmap width
    	h,			// source bitmap height
    	SRCCOPY);	// raster operation

Should work.

Now, the second way of doing it is to create a static control, with type being SS_BITMAP and set its image as:

hImage = LoadImage(NULL, file, IMAGE_BITMAP, w, h, LR_LOADFROMFILE);
SendMessage(hwnd, STM_SETIMAGE, IMAGE_BITMAP, (LPARAM)hImage);

where hwnd is the handle of your static control.

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Thanks for you descriptive comment, it work out fine. – Ravi shankar Dec 2 '09 at 10:49

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