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I came across a problem, in which I had to find the difference between two files containing PHP code (old-version and new-version). Since each of the files contained more than a thousand lines, searching for the changes manually took me about 6 minutes.

Later on, a friend of mine referenced me to this website. It indeed marked the difference between the files, in less than 10 seconds. I couldn't care less of the result, because I am far more interested in the process. How does it work?

Where should I even begin? What should be my main approach?

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I would suggest looking into how git diff is implemented. –  twmb Jul 9 '13 at 5:43

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Behind these tools there is usually an algorithm that solves the "Longest common subsequence problem". It is one of the first problems you would encounter if you were looking into the dynamic programming.

You can find more on wikipedia about this problem.

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