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We handle huge data streams through our socket servers and in need of a non-block way to management callbacks to prevent race conditions.

Recently I came to know about functional reactive programming a method of programming and the solution is just what we are looking for.

There are examples in Haskell (reactive banana), ClojureScript and Javascript (bacon js), but none for python. Are there any libraries written for Python enabling Functional Reactive Programming? If there aren't any libraries, where is a good place to start? What are the possible challenges to write one?

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There's an official Microsoft wip Rx (Reactive Extensions) implementation for Python called Rx.py.

This project targets Python 3.

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I just checked the Wikipedia article on reactive programming, and in there, three modules are mentioned. You could check those out:

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I will take a look at Trellis. Was hoping for something more current. –  rendykstan Jul 10 '13 at 4:24

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