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I was previously supporting only FTP server and get file operation done with System.Net.FtpWebRequest and relative ftp url ftp://user:pass@host/file.txt in c# to Get File

Existing working Code for FTP

public Stream GetFile_FTP(string pUrl)
   // this is demo relative url where /file.txt reside under home folder of user
   // pUrl will like this "ftp://user:pass@host/file.txt" 

   FtpWebRequest request = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(pUrl);
   request.Method = WebRequestMethods.Ftp.DownloadFile;

   FtpWebResponse response = (FtpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();
   return response.GetResponseStream();

now i want to add support for SFTP with same relative URL sftp://user:pass@host/file.txt i am using SSHNet library http://sshnet.codeplex.com/ to support SFTP to Get File

SFTP support Code using SSHNet library

 Public Stream GetFile_SFTP(string pUrl)
   // this is demo relative url where /file.txt reside under home folder of user
   // pUrl will like this "ftp://user:pass@host/file.txt" 

   Uri uri = new Uri(pUrl);
   string[] str = uri.UserInfo.split(':');

   var sftp = new SftpClient(uri.Host,str[0],str[1]);

   Stream stream =new MemoryStream();
                                            //uri.AbsolutePath = "/file.txt"
   IAsyncResult async =  sftp.BeginDownloadFile(uri.AbsolutePath, stream);

   while (!async.IsCompleted)

   sftp.EndDownloadFile(asyncResult);  // i am getting error here saying "No Such File"         as it finds "/" (root) directory instead of home directory of user.    

   //release resource here       

   return stream;

so is there any way to tell SSHNet that my path is relative not absolute as i don't find way to pass whole URL in SSHNet so i get my file being Download.

or is there any library available for me to solve this issue for SFTP

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