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Currently, I need to type 2 and p for OpenGL ES 2.0 and portrait mode rendering when I run apportable command. Because I frequently erase all generated files to perform clean build.

Is there any way to supply these values automatically?

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Additionally note that you can make the following bash script that will allow you to send 2 and p to apportable after having removed the generated files, if you choose to go that route (but as Paul said, those files are meant to be persistent -- if you are having troubles picking up changes to your xcodeproj, please let us know!):

echo "2
" | apportable
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configuration.json is meant to be a persistent file. If you keep it, you won't need to type the 2 and the p.

Some other related options:

  • Use apportable clean to clean your build.
  • Use apportable --generate to force build files to be regenerated.
  • If for some reason apportable clean is not working, do rm -rf ~/.apportable/SDK/Build/ to insure all objects get rebuilt.
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