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Please help!

I need to get data from database and get it with Ajax call. But I can't write the right url to component(com_community) where is code, that is getting data from db, when I use json. Now I have something like that: (ajax call)

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function show()  
              url: 'http://mysite.ru/ajax.php', // there is a question
            type: 'Get',
      dataType: 'json',
      cache: false,  
            success: function(html){  
                $("#bage").html('+' + html);  

And geting from DB

$my = CFactory::getUser();
    $uId = $my->id;

        function myOwnFunc($filter)
            $db = JFactory::getDBO();
            $unRead = 0;

            // Skip the whole db query if no user specified
                return 0;

            $sql = 'select count('.$db->Quote('1').') as '.$db->quoteName('unread_count');
            $sql .= ' from '.$db->quoteName('#__community_msg_recepient');
            $sql .= ' where '.$db->quoteName('is_read').' = '.$db->Quote('0');
            if(! empty($filter['parent']))
                    $sql .= ' and '.$db->quoteName('msg_parent').' =' . $db->Quote($filter['parent']);       
            if(! empty($filter['user_id']))
                    $sql .= ' and '.$db->quoteName('to').' =' . $db->Quote($filter['user_id']);              

            $sql .= ' and '.$db->quoteName('deleted').' = '.$db->Quote('0');
            $result = $db->loadObject();

            if(! empty($result)){
                    $unRead = $result->unread_count;

            return $unRead; 

    $count = (int)myOwnFunc( array( 'user_id' => $uId ) );
            echo $count;

Sorry for my English. Thanks in advance.

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