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can I put a for loop in while loop? For example:

while($end = 1)
  for ($i = 0; $i < count($match); $i++)
    $mathcas = $match[$i][1];

Thanks. :)

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Have you tried it? –  MitMaro Nov 18 '09 at 7:50
What exactly are you trying to achieve in while/for loop? Are you looking for pros/cons? or how to implement while/for? –  KMån Nov 18 '09 at 7:55

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While it is perfectly possible, I strongly recommend avoiding the particular construct you are trying...

If you find the element you are lloking for, just break the for loop and you will be done!

Edit: and please use == for comparisons!!!

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+1 well spotted –  iAn Nov 18 '09 at 8:07

Yes, you can. And now for some padding...

Edit: on second thought, if your internal loop does not change the value of $end, you're looking at an infinite loop.

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Actually, even if he does change $end inside the loop, it'll still be infinite. :o) –  deceze Nov 18 '09 at 7:53
Indeed, = vs. == strikes again! –  Amber Nov 18 '09 at 7:59
Good point :) VS won't let you fall for that anymore :) –  Traveling Tech Guy Nov 18 '09 at 8:45

yes you can. though in the example you gave the outer while loop will either never end or never run

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