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Although I know CSS file is a valid SCSS but there is some reason ,so I can't change some files subfix to SCSS


@import url("global/reset.css")
@import url("global/frameset.css");
@import url("global/header.css");

Can sass or compass merge it (´・_・`)

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possible duplicate of Import regular css file in scss file? – cimmanon Jul 9 '13 at 11:10

You can try the Sass CSS importer plugin, by Chris Eppstein himself :)

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@import takes a filename to import. By default, it looks for a Sass file to import directly, but there are a few circumstances under which it will compile to a CSS @import rule:

  • If the file’s extension is .css.
  • If the filename begins with http://.
  • If the filename is a url().
  • If the @import has any media queries.

If none of the above conditions are met and the extension is .scss or .sass, then the named Sass or SCSS file will be imported.

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You can't do that with SASS without renaming the CSS files.

I suggest that you use some kind of CSS compressor to concatenate and minify your CSS code. Please have a look at Yeoman, currently the most solid approach to handling this kind of tasks.

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If you want to merge all css files into a single compiled css file, you need to change their extension to sass or scss and make the changes to be compatible with that format.

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