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Is there any .Net utility out there that will convert HTML to RTF, which will also honour CSS styles? I've found a lot of tripe that will either strip all the styles away, or do a terrible job of presenting them.

There are plenty of HTML to PDF converters out there that do a decent job. I'm surprised it's so difficult to find something to go HTML to RTF.

Please don't reply if you represent sautinsoft. That product falls into the 'terrible' category.

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One option is to load a webbrowser with the html, select all, copy and paste into a richtextbox. Then use its RTF property.

var webBrowser = new WebBrowser();
webBrowser.Document.Write("... html...");
webBrowser.Document.ExecCommand("SelectAll", false, null);
webBrowser.Document.ExecCommand("Copy", false, null);

It's better to use richtextbox v5.

If it's not accurate enough you can use word interop and then paste and copy from a temp word document. I can paste that code from one of my apps if you need it.

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