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I'm implementing Google Custom Search on a site I'm working on.

The website is divided in subsites, with a parent site. It's done like this:

 - parentsite.com
  - parentsite.com/childsite1
  - parentsite.com/childsite2
  - parentsite.com/childsite3
  - parentsite.com/childsite4

When searching the site, I want the users to be able to filter out the results for each child site, and this I've done with refinement labels (so when you press the Childsite 1 label, you will only get results from parentsite.com/childsite1/*)

My question is: I also want a label that only gives the user results from the parent site, but not from any of the child sites. Can I in some way also make the refinement label exclude certain url patterns?

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you can exclude urls in advanced site management by using a list of urls with one url per line. There are further options but the url is treated like a wild card so any url containing the part url you list will be excluded

  1. start here and choose the CSE you own and wish to modify


2.from bottom of ("Basics TAB") under the heading ["sites to add"] you should find an "advanced" link. its fairly intuitive from their bulk or one at a time...

  1. check here for more info on url patterns


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