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I have a graph with approximately 1 million nodes. The graph represents a catalog tree (spare parts). Maximum deep is about 6. A node have a filter property that can have any value, even empty. This filter property is used to filter the catalog for the user. What I want is to ask a question like this when I click a node (any level): "for each child node, tell me if any of its children (any level) has a filter attribute with a value of ...". With my query I takes about 12 sec for each child to get the result. Should not this scenario be an ideal use case for neo? Shouldn't it be way faster?

I can send the nodes and relations as text files if you want the data.

my query is something like this:

start n=node(3)
match n-[:PARENT_ITEM;1..6]->x
where x.filter="something"
return count(x)

I'm running on a Windows Azure Large server (4 cores, 7Gb ram) and i haven't done any configurations after neo installation.

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