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I was wondering is there a way to prevent 'git push --force' on a repository (only on master branch)?

Assume I have remote git repository and do:

  • 'git push' to 'master'. It works.
  • 'git push --force' to 'branch-1'. It works.
  • 'git push --force' to 'master'. It is rejected.

Is it even possible?

Thanks for any answers and suggestions.

BR, Dawid.

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Setting the configuration variables:


will prevent any 'forced' pushes from working across all branches.

If you want finer pre-branch control then you will have to use a 'hook' on the remote repository, probably the 'update' hook.

There is a sample update hook called 'update-paranoid' that probably does what you need (and more) in the git distribution in the 'contrib' folder.

gitweb link

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+1 for the hook (raw version:;a=blob_plain;f=contrib/hooks/… ) – VonC Nov 18 '09 at 9:04
any way to do this for GitHub? – Tomáš Fejfar Nov 19 '12 at 16:11

I wrote this quick update hook to prevent non-fast-forward updates (pushes) on the "dev" branch in a repository:



if [ "refs/heads/dev" != $REFNAME ]; then
  exit 0

MERGEBASE=$(git merge-base $OLDSHA $NEWSHA)
if [ $OLDSHA = $MERGEBASE ]; then
  exit 0

echo "Not a fast-forward on branch dev"
exit 1
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