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Say I have some 2D artwork in Flash CS4 format .FLAs, and I'd like to put it into an iPhone game that uses OpenGL ES, keeping it in vector format. An OpenGL-ready format could just be a list of vertex positions and colors for a triangle strip.

Is there a converter available that can do that easily?

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I would recommend converting the swfs to .svg format, Either in Illustrator, or with this online tool. I actually used a small java console app to automate this part for what I had to do recently, it worked pretty well.

Once that's done, you can use Qt to do the rendering bit for you as commented on here.

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You could port gameswf to iPhone, it supports most SWF tags, it loads and renders in OpenGL. It's coded in C++ so it's easy to embed it into your iPhone application. Be warned that's it's usable but it has its limits.

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You could use smokescreen to convert the flash to html5, and then use the stock HTML viewer found In interface builder. Just my 2 cents.

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