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I hava a delegate

public delegate void Context();

And i had implemented it by anonymous method,

public Context fakeHttpContext = () =>
                create fake http context.

I dont' want to execute the fakeHttpContext by


I wonder if i could invoke it by known the delegate name. is there anything in reflection likes:

    DelegateInfo info =     typeof(class).GetDelegate("fakeHttpContext");


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Could you provide also the when, where and why you would use that? – Sorin Comanescu Nov 18 '09 at 8:52

What you really want to do is getting the field fakeHttpContext. Assuming you class type is named MyObject :

MyObject obj = new MyObject();
Context context = (Context)(typeof(MyObject).GetField("fakeHttpContext").GetValue(obj));

This is what you asked for, even if it's dirty... Reflection is rarely a good idea.

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thanks,it works – user192415 Nov 18 '09 at 9:17

Don't you find it a bit odd to try to retrieve an anonymous method by name? It's kind of a contradiction in itself.

That mere fact should give you a hint that what you're doing probably makes no sense. Just declare an standard method that implements the delegate or an event and invoke it.

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