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Actually, i have a page on facebook where i would like to post some news from my own website.

I tried that :

require_once('../facebook sdk/src/facebook.php');
$appid = 'appid ';
$appsecret = 'appsecret ';
$pageid = 'pageid ';
$token = 'token ';

// Create our Application instance (replace this with your appId and secret).
$facebook = new Facebook(array(
  'appId'  => $appid,
  'secret' => $appsecret,

// Get the current access token
//$token = $facebook->getAccessToken();

//Information that makes up the facebook page post
$attachment = array(
        'access_token' => $token,
        'message' => "helloworld",
        'name'    => "test",
        'description'=> 'Latest news for foreveralonemc.com.');

//Try to post to the facebook page
$res = $facebook->api('/'.$pageid.'/feed','POST',$attachment);

} catch (Exception $e){

    echo $e->getMessage();

When i use that script, i have the following error : (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action.

I really have no clue how to have a never expire token which permit me to post on my page. Thank you for your advices

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According to the error message, the problem is not with token but authorization. User has to authorize the app to post on wall or page. I don't see any code for authorization in the script. –  curious_coder Jul 9 '13 at 10:42
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