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I need all the Unix commands which are specific to AIX machines.

For e.g.: for Unix top is equivalent to topas in AIX.

I need the list of similar commands. Where can I find it? Is there any documentation for this?

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The IBM publib documentation for System p and AIX is stored here - publib is a vital resource if you're using any IBM product.

Look under AIX Documentation, Commands reference, Categorical. This will show you what the commands are meant to do from which you'll hopefully be able to work out the similar commands for other operating systems.

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The site here has a list of useful Unix commands that can be used on AIX machines.



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The canonical reference for commands to perform tasks across various UNIX flavours is If you know the command on a popular UNIX flavour like Linux, you can find the same thing on other less popular unices like HP-UX or AIX.

I've lost track of the number of times it's helped me.

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