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I am working on a calculator App. The NSMutablestring is used for calculation E.g "5-3*8-(-1)/77". But the label can't display endless an NSMutablestring, so is there have any way to limit NSMutablestring's length? (not too long, I want the NSMutablestring's length to be less than 100).

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Presumably entry is made using a UITextField, therefore: stackoverflow.com/questions/2523501/… –  trojanfoe Jul 9 '13 at 10:45
possible duplicate of iPhone SDK: Set Max Character length TextField –  Max MacLeod Jul 9 '13 at 10:46

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You can get the first 100 characters of a string as follows:

NSString *first100chars = [myString substringToIndex:100];

However, it sounds like you need to prevent the user from actually entering a string this long, which is a different problem. The comments to your question give examples of other people asking similar questions (e.g. iPhone SDK: Set Max Character length TextField), I suggest you check those.

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This is a job for an NSFormatter subclass. That's exactly what it's for.

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