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friends. Can you help me please.

I have angular app. How i can add params from GET (in ex :param)

into templateUrl (in ex param -> templateUrl : '/audio/param') ?

.when('/audio/:param', { 
    templateUrl : '/audio/param',
    reloadOnSearch : false 

If I have url type: http://mysite.com/audio/123 I want templateUrl - /audio/123

Thank you!

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I don't believe that's possible. The idea behind it is that there is a strict seperation of concerns in AngularJS, which in this case leads to your template and your data being seperated.

You should simply retrieve a template, filled with AngularJS databinding expressions, and do another HTTP request to retrieve the data and bind it to the template through $scope. AngularJS is smart enough to cache the template after the first load.

p.s. Welcome to StackOverflow!

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Thank you! Unusual to think in terms of the application. There is a website on php. I transfer it to the angular. I thought I might can use the existing page of specific audio to upload them as a template. Continue to develop the use of angular standards. –  Sergey Kuznetsov Jul 9 '13 at 12:35

Related SO discussion about using the new capability in Angular 1.1.3 to specify a function for templateUrl: AngularJS - How to use $routeParams in generating the templateUrl?

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