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I've removed my JS from the main page and have included it instead. I'm trying to obtain a value from a form field and use it to update the decimal places that a conversion might be altered by.

I've tried a couple of options, all of which I thought would work but I either receive a NaN error or an undefined error.

HTML form:

<form id="convertFormID_JS" name="convertForm">

    <div class="ourContactFormElement">
        <label for="decPlaces">Decimal Places?</label>
        <input autocomplete="off" type="number" name="decPlaces" id="decPlaces" class="required digits" onkeyup="convertUnits()" />

JS function:

function roundResult(value, places){
var multiplier = Math.pow(10, places);
return (Math.round(value * multiplier) / multiplier);}

Where I'm trying to obtain the value: (this is within the main function)

var decPlaces = parseInt(document.getElementById("decPlaces").val());

The aim is to allow a user to change the number of decimal places. Thanks

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Are you using jQuery on this page? Because you mixed pure javascript document.getElementById() method with jQuery collection method val(). – ElmoVanKielmo Jul 9 '13 at 11:02
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document.getElementById("decPlaces").val() is invalid it should be document.getElementById("decPlaces").value

.val() is a utility function provided by jQuery to get/set the value of an element, since in this case you are not using jQuery you need to get the value of the input element using the value property

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That's cruel :)Thanks! Although...glad I was almost there...almost... – null Jul 9 '13 at 11:02

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