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I have a big problem with Roslyn.NET CTP and semantic analysis my code.
My task is: get classdeclaration and his inherited type.
For example:
Class: Change : ChangePassword
I must write in console: "ChangePassword" type name.
How can I do this? In reflection is very simple: (this is a generic type):

foreach (Type t in types)
            if (t.BaseType.IsGenericType)
                Type[] typeArguments = t.BaseType.GetGenericArguments();

                foreach (Type tParam in typeArguments)
                    typesListProperties = tParam.GetProperties();

                    foreach (var p in typesListProperties)



But I my problem requires the use roslyn. My idea is use semanticModel.GetTypeInfo or GetSymbolInfo but none of them accepts a parameter SyntaxNode!

My reality class declaration is:

public partial class Example : System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage<ExampleModel>

for this example I must add to List<string> "ExampleModel".

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Take a look at using SemanticModel.GetDeclaredSymbol(ClassDeclarationSyntax) to determine the Symbol for your type, then inspect the BaseType property.

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