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Using the kohana framework, if I do the folowing:

$this->view->bind('errors', $errors = array());

I get the PHP error ErrorException "[ Strict ]: Only variables should be passed by reference"

If I do:

$this->view->bind('errors', $errors);
$errors = array();

I get no error.

Is it ok to avoid the error? Will this cause any problems?


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Your second block of code doesn't help you out; it writes over the values bind just inserted into the $errors array. You may be able to just pass null as the second argument if you don't care about errors, or by not passing an argument entirely. –  Tim Cooper Jul 9 '13 at 11:17
Yeah this was just an example. I just want to know if there are any negative effects of setting $errors as an array later in the code. I want to know the reason only variables should be passed by reference. –  Calum Jul 9 '13 at 11:27

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In Kohana you can pass variables in 2 ways - using set or bind.
From docs:

The only difference between set() and bind() is that bind() assigns the variable by reference. If you bind() a variable before it has been defined, the variable will be created with a value of NULL.

So bind is a little safer, if your variable is not always present in the view (like errors variable, which you would define in the post condition). Small example:

public function action_roadtrip()
    $post = $this->request->post();
    if (!empty($post))
            // Do some ORM validation here
        catch (ORM_Validation_Exception $e)
            $errors = $e->errors('');
    $view = View::factory('some_view_name')->bind('errors', $errors);
    $this->request->response = $view;

Note that even though you define the errors during POST, it's still safe to use it with GET in your view.

Another thing to note is that bind only supports variables (similar behaviour to empty function).
If you want to pass expressions, use set, just be aware of the difference between bind:

$this->view->set('errors', $errors = array());
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