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I get the error "Unexpected. Please try again." while accessing adsense reports through Google Api. Executing the below query in BigQuery browser tool works like a charm. Note: I use the server2server authentication.

SELECT date, SUM(earnings) FROM [google.com:adsense-reports:Reports.DailyReport] GROUP BY date

To ensure my code is correct I run this query and it worked:

select word from [publicdata:samples.shakespeare] where word="sleep"

Now I am wondering what's wrong with my approach or what am I missing?

One of the failing jobs:


Thanks in advance!

EDIT: the script uses php

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leaving this link for people interested on how to use the BQ + AdSense integration: developers.google.com/adsense/bigquery –  Felipe Hoffa Jul 12 '13 at 2:23

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You need to access the AdSense BigQuery tables as a user that is active on your AdSense account - this is not what happens when you use the server2server authentication. Can you use a different type of authentication?

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