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I am trying to use NFC along with MvvmCross. So I have created an IntentFilter which looks like this:

    Categories = new[] {"android.intent.category.DEFAULT"},
    DataScheme = "bksv-resource", DataHost = "nmt")]

And in OnResume I am looking for Intent Actions of the type NfcAdapter.ActionNdefDiscovered. What happens is when NDEF is discovered, the Activity gets created and an Intent is set with the data inside. All this works fine in an Activity, however problems occur when wanting to use an MvxActivity or MvxFragmentActivity.

Problem is, when the MvxActivity gets recreated the base.OnCreate() call gives no ViewModel back and no reason is given, only output like this is shown:

mvx:Diagnostic:  6.09 Loading new ViewModel from Intent with Extras
mvx:Warning:  6.13 ViewModel not loaded for view ScanView

I am not entirely sure how the ViewModel is found for a View, however, in this case it seems not to be found. Why could that be? Do I need a custom app start or something?

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I'm not sure I understand here what "recreated" means? Does it mean a new one is created and given savedInstanceState from an old one? Or does it just mean a new one is created? –  Stuart Jul 9 '13 at 12:37
OnCreate gets called, so I assume it is a entirely new Acitivty. –  Cheesebaron Jul 9 '13 at 12:40

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MvvmCross picks up its ViewModel navigation information from the passed in Intent

You can:

If you are using a custom non-MvvmCross Intent then MvvmCross obviously won't be able to pick up its navigation information - so you'll have to work out a way to create the ViewModel yourself.

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Ah. Makes sense. I've solved this by creating the ViewModel like this: var loaderService = Mvx.Resolve<IMvxViewModelLoader>(); ViewModel = (ScanViewModel)loaderService.LoadViewModel( new MvxViewModelRequest(typeof(ScanViewModel), null, null, null), null); –  Cheesebaron Jul 9 '13 at 12:53

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