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I am running ubuntu 12 VM using virtual box on my mac. I have cloned a git repo in a shared folder on my mac. From that folder, in my ubuntu VM, i am creating a intellij project. Trouble is, when i create that project it marks all the files as changed with no change in contents(possibly due to different line ending). How can this be avoided? I have this configuration in .gitconfig on my mac and ubuntu vm autocrlf = input.

Can someone suggest the solution?

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The easiest was is to desactive that setting:

git config --auto auto.crlf false

(on your mac)

If your IDE (here IntelliJ) doesn't change the line endings, there is no need to impose a global settings changing all the files.

If some files have to keep a specific line ending, use core.eol directive in a .gitattributes file (which isn't a local config, but a file part of your repo, and as such, pushed and pulled as the other files).

See "How line ending conversions work with git core.autocrlf between different operating systems".

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