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I had implemented single worker thread approach in my application which was running without multithreading.

Single Worker Thread:- in this approach main thread perform some operation where single worker thread perform some other task. I can see the performance increased.

Then I try to implement two worker thread approach where I am seeing not much performance increased.

If more thread are involve and there are some data which was shared between threads, to avoid deadlock you required to use mutex or critical section or something else . But if these things are used, then if one threadA locked something, other thread can't use it untill threadA relase the lock from the same data.In that case other thread has to wait for it and performance decreased alot.

Also critical section is faster than mutex as I explored. I used mutex alot in my application. IS this the reason for performance to degrade?

If yes what other option I can use to avoid mutex in ACE and get the code that is safe from deadlock or race condition. If no, then why usign two worker thread performance is not as increased as with single worker thread approach.

What approaches I can use to increase the performance of my application. I request you all if anybody can help me , I am really thankful. As I am beginner in mutithreding and new to using ACE too.

Kind Regards Vikas

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