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Using EF with MVC4 allows you to specify the inclusion of Foreign Key columns in the model. While this not normally part of OR modeling, it does allow MVC4 to automatically generate views with dropdown lists, for the foreign key relationships, when you generate a controller with the MVC controller with read/write actions and views, using Entity Framework option.

I have hit a problem creating an object in this scenario.

Greatly simplified, the models in question are:


  • QuestionnaireID: PK
  • CandidateId: FK
  • Candidate: Associated object


  • CandidateID: PK
  • Name: string

The problem I have hit is that on a Create view post-back to create a new Questionnaire ModelState.IsValid is false. On investigation the error listed is The parameter conversion from type 'System.String' to type 'Data.Candidate' failed because no type converter can convert between these types.

ModelState.Keys includes Questionnaire.Candidate as well as Questionnaire.CandidateId (which is valid).

I am sure this is something simple, but would like to hear some solutions. The viewbag only has a set for the drop-down list and the view has an @model of type @model Data.Questionnaire. There are no editor fields bound to Questionnaire.Candidate..

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As I have no idea why the built-in EF models do not like the MVC generated scaffolding, for Create postbacks with foreign key columns enabled, I have reverted to what is a more secure solution (still happy to hear why it fails out-of-the-box):

Create individual view models for specific sensitive operations like create

The theory goes that there are a number of problems using EF domain entities as viewmodels including:

  • They potentially expose too much information or allow additional fields to be posted back
  • Validation text is an interface concern and should not be part of a the data model (they actually suggest even the viewmodel is not the place for this text, but I digress).

So basically I now have a CreateCandidateQuestionnaireVM class with only the required fields for selecting appropriate values for a new instance.

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