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In VS2008 I'm trying to add a keyboard shortcut for "Get Latest Version (recursively" and "Rebuild Solution".

I go to tools-->options-->environment-->keyboard

found "File.GetLatestVersion", "File.GetLatestSolutionFiles" and "Build.RebuildSolution".

I chose "use new shortcut in" to be Global/VisualStudio, but in both cases no shortcut I assign (and is accepted. I can see it later on listed as a shortcut) responds when I try to click it when I'm working.

What am I doing wrong? How can this be solved?

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Well in VS2005 with a C++ project, and VS2008 with a C# project assigning a shortcut worked for me.


  1. open tools -> options -> environment - > keyboard
  2. in 'show commands ..' enter 'build.r'
  3. select 'Build.RebuildSolution'
  4. in 'Press shortcut keys:' press Ctrl+M, Ctrl+B
  5. press 'Assign'
  6. The combo appears in the "Shortcuts for selected command:" combo as global
  7. press 'Ok'

then press combo, and watch solution rebuild.

For both versions, having the current file in focused as a non-project did not affect the shortcut, as I thought it might.

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