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I'm trying to access a Google Drive using gdata-Python-client package. I can get access to an account by providing authentication details (user name, password) and open a client to manipulate spreadsheets.

import gdata.spreadsheet.service



Now I want to check whether the login process was successful and I write the following piece of code.

   return True
   return False

This code throws an exception if the login fails.

Are there other ways we can achieve this without catching this exception? (Eg. checking within an if clause using a return value of a method)

As far as I know ProgrammaticLogin() method itself does not return any value (i.e. type(ProgrammaticLogin()) returns 'NoneType')

If try-except is the only way to check this what is the name of the exact Exception thrown at this instant?


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According to this link multiple types of exceptions are thrown based on the error type

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Thanks @user2565456, this answers one part of my question. What about the other half? (other methods of checking login status), Any idea? :) – Tharindu Rusira Jul 9 '13 at 17:05

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