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adb cant recognize a tablet via usb connection. env: mac os x 10.8.3 eclipse juno tablet: model number: rk30sdk android ver.: 4.1.1

  • another chinese tablet is recognized so this may not be an issue with the mac
  • also rk30sdk tablet is recognized and rooted with a windows machine so i think the tablet and usb cable is ok.

what i have tried so far: 1. usb debugging is enabled on tablet 2. power cycle both tablet and mac with usb cable connected and disconnected 3. base local debugger and adbhost suggestions as mentioned here: Android tablet Arnova Arnova 10b g3 not showing in adb devices mac 4. ./adb kill-server, start-server, and devices did not work 4. reinstalled andoid sdk and tools 5. reinstalled eclipse

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I could not able to connect to the device with Mac or Ubuntu or Windows with USB cable. But I have managed to connect via wifi using an app called Wifi ADB Pro. Just installed it and from Mac terminal "adb connect ". But for this app you must have super user rights :(

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Had the same problem with a Ployer Momo7, would not be recognized at all, under Windows AND Mac OS X. Found a custom modded firmware, which works fine and allows root access. No problems at all after this with the above tip, under Mac OS X 10.9. Was also able to connect via USB under Windows 7 after this, using the Universal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Driver for Windows. Hope this helps.

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