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When a page is called, I want to check the call on depending on the path, I want to redirect the user to the frontpage, with some parameters. These parameters I will use in a block to show extra information to the visitor.

What hook should I use, so that drupal has to do the least unnecessary work ?

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1) The template_preprocess_page function is the appropriate hook here.

2) An alternative option is to use Rules module.

Event: Drupal is initializing (using hook_init) Condition: Execute custom php code (check path argument) Actions: Page redirect, Other rules actions (eg a Message)

I would suggest to show a Drupal Message to the user instead of a block. Except if user is logged in and parameters shown in block do exist in the database so you can use views module to create that block.

Here is an export of a rule that redirects if the taxonomy term page display belongs to Vocabulary '4'. Import it to your rules to see the results.

{ "rules_taxonomy_redirect_business" : {
    "LABEL" : "Taxonomy redirect - Business",
    "PLUGIN" : "reaction rule",
    "TAGS" : [ "redirect", "taxonomy" ],
    "REQUIRES" : [ "php", "rules" ],
    "ON" : [ "init" ],
    "IF" : [
      { "php_eval" : { "code" : "$check1 = (arg(0)==\u0027taxonomy\u0027)\u0026\u0026(arg(1)==\u0027term\u0027);\r\n$check2 = (arg(3)!=\u0027edit\u0027);\r\n\r\nif (arg(2)) {\r\n$tid = arg(2);\r\n$vid = db_query(\u0027SELECT vid FROM {taxonomy_term_data} WHERE tid = :tid\u0027, array(\u0027:tid\u0027 =\u003E $tid))-\u003EfetchField();\r\n$check3 = ($vid == \u00274\u0027);\r\n}\r\n\r\nreturn ($check1)\u0026\u0026($check2)\u0026\u0026($check3);" } }
    "DO" : [
      { "redirect" : { "url" : "\u003C?php\r\n$tid = arg(2);\r\nreturn \u0027business?cat%5B%5D=\u0027 . $tid;\r\n?\u003E" } }
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Rules could be used. But it is not a question of how to implement it, but hooking into drupal as early as possible so that the least amount of work needs to be done by drupal. At the moment I use a hook_init, but that means a lot of unnecessary code has been executed by drupal allready. – Nealv Jul 15 '13 at 9:14

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