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I am wanting to wrap actions into a transaction for each of my users in the DB, and do not want to use MSDTC. Thus, I am trying to manually open a connection for all the transactions to use. Below is a sketch of my code:

using (var myContext = new Entities())

    var clientQuery = from client in myContext.CustomerMasters
                      where client.CustomerType == (int)Enums.CustomerType.Client
                      select client;

    var clientList = clientQuery.ToList();

    foreach (var client in clientList)
        using (TransactionScope transaction = new TransactionScope())
            FuncCall(myContext, client);

void FuncCall(Entities myContext, CustomerMasters client)
    // ERROR IS HERE: 
    var alreadyChargedQuery = <LINQ-QUERY>.FirstOrDefault();

I am getting the following exception when this code runs: [System.Data.EntityException] = {"The underlying provider failed on Open."}

Inner EXception: InnerException = {"Network access for Distributed Transaction Manager (MSDTC) has been disabled. Please enable DTC for network access in the security configuration for MSDTC using the Component Services Administrative tool."}

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Possible duplicate of How to use transactions with the Entity Framework?. If not, explain whether your question actually is "Does Entity Framework support SQL transactions as opposed to MSDTC transactions?". –  CodeCaster Jul 9 '13 at 15:21
The possible duplicate, seems to me to not be what I am asking. I'm wondering why I am getting the given exception and how to get the code to properly run without it. –  Erich Peterson Jul 9 '13 at 15:39

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