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Is it possible to send an email from Smalltalk using a Gmail account? I have configured my company mail server with Smalltalk to send email, but that's not going to cut it when I distribute the application. Answers with any of using Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail are acceptable.

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You should state which Smalltalk you are using since there are different dialects and all have different ways of handling things like e-mail.

In Pharo, check out the class SMTPClient. There are class methods that have example methods showing how to send e-mails.

For VisualWorks, load the parcel NetClients and check out the classes MailMessage and SMTPClient.

Here's an example of code that sends an e-mail in VisualWorks:

(Net.SMTPClient host: Net.NetClient netSettings defaultOutgoingHost name)
        user: Net.NetClient netSettings defaultOutgoingHost netUser;
        send: (Net.MailMessage newTextPlain
            subject: 'This is the subject';
            from: 'my-email@gmail.com';
            to: 'your-email@gmail.com';
            text: 'This is the body';
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For secure mail sending, take a look at ZdcSecureSMTPClient in Zodiac-Extra on a Pharo 2.0 image. Class side shows using gmail.

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