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Does anyone know how/who to contact Google and/or Apple in order to question if they will allow a particular app (concept, architecture, etc.) to be published to Google Play and/or the App Store, respectively?

I've read the guidelines and what I want to do isn't specifically covered.

I have mixed results after speaking to some people about my app, so I need to speak to someone that can provide a definitive answer.

Edit: Questionable Feature

The app uses a plugin architecture which will allow the User to add functionality to the app by purchasing and/or downloading plugins. The app will use a JavaScript Engine to implement the functionality provided by the plugins. The plugins are custom packages (i.e. digital content) developed to an API provided by the app.

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If you share your concept/architecture, we can share our experience with similar apps and understanding of the guidelines. –  Marcus Adams Jul 9 '13 at 16:01

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It might be smart to put together a small "proof of concept" app and submit it to the app store and then have it approved or rejected.

Here's an info page on app reviews at Apple. If you want to contact Apple to find out if your app is kosher, there's a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

I'm not 100% certain about Google Play. I hear their app review standards (that is, if they review) are much more lax than Apple's App Store.

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In my experience with Apple they wont comment on concepts only on apps that are being submitted.

I had an app rejected and I asked about whether making a change would get the app approved and they responded by saying that they cannot give pre-approval and will only review what you place in front of them.

A proof of concept app is a good idea but make sure that it is good enough to get approved and go live on the app store otherwise it could get rejected because it is not of a good enough standard.

Officially you are not meant to submit proof of concept apps or test apps for approval so be careful. However if the app looks polished enough and doesn't crash then you should be able to get it through.

You will probably find though that you will need to replace your proof of concept with the full app using the same identifiers. If you try and launch a second one that is identical they can occasionally get funny about you spamming the app store.

Unfortunately I have had very little dealings with the Google Play store, although the last time I did anything with the Google store (about 2 years ago) there was no manual approval process (unlike Apple) and therefore you can realistically submit virtually anything (although they reserve the right to remove it later if they feel it in anyway causes harm to Android devices)

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The reason I ask is because I'll be hiring some developers to help with the project (it's quite large). I hate to spend the money and then get rejected. –  tunneling Jul 9 '13 at 17:22

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