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Are the OpenCV primitives based on the CUDA Nvidia Performance Primitives (NPP)?.

By primitives I mean the same ones implemented in the NPP library, for example: boxFilter, Mirror, Convolution...

I would like to know about this issue as I'm planning use the NPP library. However, OpenCV has more functions that could help me for example in border treatment for image processing.

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OpenCV uses NPP library for some functions. But it is hard to create a compelete list of such functions.

Some functions uses only NPP implemetation (boxFilter, graphcut, histEven).

Other functions uses different implemetations for different input parameters. For example, cv::gpu::resize uses NPP for some input parameters (CV_8UC1 and CV_8UC3 types, INTER_NEAREST and INTER_LINEAR interpolation mode) and for other parameters it uses own implementation.

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