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I am looking for something that execute my entire batch as if it was prompt locally

I have a C# app on my pc and I'm trying few different VMs to copy files from local mapped drivers using a batch filr (bat) or exe. The batch is doing the job when is prompted from remote desktop. The coded UI didn't work and I am trying to avoid WCF or copying to my pc the big folders.

I had to mapped manually the drivers. I will love some help to do it automatically. VM credentials are different form the drivers. My only achievement was to execute through psexec that execute batch that "copy with credentials"

    net use \\networklocation\sharefolder password /USER:username 
    copy \*.bak \\networklocation\sharefolder\*.bak 

It is mapping a shared folder, but only one in a time per bat. I have many folders to share and many batches. it seems so unstable.

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to stackoverflow! Please improve your language skills. Don't forget to mention the main technologies that you are working with in this problem. Is it virtual-pc? Try to provide links to actual documentation or main sources. –  jperelli Jul 9 '13 at 17:07
I can only do my best because English is not my first language. but I will try to be more presice about the questions from now. thank you –  tamir Jul 10 '13 at 15:14

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