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DefaultAConfig implements AConfig
DefaultLConfig implements LConfig
DefaultConfiguration implements Configuration

and the json file located at externalConfigFile, I

Gson gson = new GsonBuilder()
        .registerTypeAdapter(Configuration.class, new CInstanceCreator())
        .registerTypeAdapter(LConfig.class, new LInstanceCreator())
        .registerTypeAdapter(AConfig.class, new AInstanceCreator())

config = gson.fromJson(readFile(externalConfigFile), DefaultConfiguration.class);

public static class AInstanceCreator implements InstanceCreator<AConfig> {
    public AConfig createInstance(Type type) {
        return new DefaultAConfig();

public static class LInstanceCreator implements InstanceCreator<LConfig> {
    public LConfig createInstance(Type type) {
        return new DefaultLConfig();

public static class CInstanceCreator implements InstanceCreator<Configuration> {
    public Configuration createInstance(Type type) {
        return new DefaultConfiguration();

From what i see however not fields are set:

DefaultConfiguration{config={k1=23, k2=word}, sectionL=sectionL{default_level='null', impl='null', levels=[]}, sectionA=[DefaultAConfig{format='null', filename='null', rotation='null', threshold=null}, DefaultAConfig{format='null', filename='null', rotation='null', threshold=null}]}

Json structure as as follows:

    "config": {
        "k1": "23",
        "k2": "word"
    "sectionL": {
        "default_level": "whatever",
        "impl": "whatever",
        "levels": [
    "sectionA": [
            "format": "text",
            "filename": "/a/b/c",
            "rotation": "asdasd",
            "threshold": "isdals"
        } ,
            "format": "text",
            "filename": "/a/b/d",
            "rotation": "asdasd",
            "threshold": "isdals"

Why are sectionA and sectionL stuff not set please?

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Just a comment about the lib: in your case I'd use the Jackson parser instead of Gson. But it's a matter of taste. – Gilberto Torrezan Jul 9 '13 at 16:49
Please show us the code for – Deepak Bala Jul 9 '13 at 16:56

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