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Is there some way to reapply the filter without having to reselect the filter? Especially when the underlying observable collection is changed? I seem to have records which don't match the filter condition after a while..

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Anyone?? Help?? –  user2565505 Jul 11 '13 at 17:03
Have the same issue. It always occures when using XamGrid on a page, which will be navigated to later again. I guess, it receives a loaded event and therefore forgets all applied filters... –  Jan Feb 24 at 7:24

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The XamGrid doesn't have a method to refresh. The INotifyCollectionChanged events are supposed to handle updating the grid accordingly.

You could try programmatically removing the current filters that are set and then readd them. It's a little tough for me to know if this will solve your issue though as I don't have a sample that reproduces the issue.

You could also try deriving from ObservableCollection and implement a refresh method. Inside the refresh method you could call OnCollectionChanged and pass in a Reset action. This might refresh the XamGrid.

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