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My question is like this ListView addHeaderView causes position to increase by one?

Adding addHeaderView to PreferenceActivity causes the position of taps increased by one. So first checkbox never will check, but causes checking of next checkbox and so on.

This happens only in Android 2.3.6 (tested 2 phones), but never on Android 4.0-4.1.

I read answers the link above but don't know how to apply it to usual native PreferenceActivity. Please give an example for newbie. If possible - without rewriting the native mechanism of Preferences.

here is part of my code

public class pref extends PreferenceActivity {
   public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        adView = new AdView(this, AdSize.BANNER, "00000");
        ListView v = getListView();
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Did you find an solution for this issue? –  Ion Aalbers Dec 6 '13 at 12:32
not. Just not use it in old android (checking SDK) –  djdance Dec 11 '13 at 15:42

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