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I'm trying to write a simple Geb/Spock test using Grails but I am receiving the following test failure.

| Failure:  login works correctly(...UserAuthAcceptanceSpec)
|  Condition not satisfied:

at HomePage

I can follow the test through with a debugger using a browser and can see that the application works as expected and the correct heading is being shown. However, the test is failing when I try to invoke the at checker. Can anyone tell me why the final assertion in the test might be failing and why the 'at' checker appears to be null?

Here is my code: (Geb v0.9.0, Grails 2.2.2)

Spock Specification:

class UserAuthAcceptanceSpec extends GebReportingSpec {

    def "login works correctly"() {

        given: "the correct credentials"
            def theCorrectUsername = "admin"
            def theCorrectPassword = "password"

        when: "logging in"
            to LoginPage
            username = theCorrectUsername
            password = theCorrectPassword 
   //([HomePage, LoginPage])

        then: "the welcome page is shown"
            heading =~ /(?i)Welcome.*/   // <- same as 'at' checker in HomePage
        and: "the 'at' checker works"
            at HomePage                  // <- fails



class LoginPage extends Page {

    final String path = "/login/auth"

    static content = {
        heading(required: false, wait:true) { $("h1").text() }
        username     { $("input", name:"j_username") }
        password     { $("input", name:"j_password") }
        submitButton { $("input", id:"submit") }

    static at = {
        title =~ /Login.*/



class HomePage extends Page {

    final String path   = "/"

    static content = {
        heading(required: false, wait:true) { $("h1").text() }

    static at = {
        heading =~ /(?i)Welcome.*/

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The at checker should use ==~ rather than =~.

Geb's implicit assertions mean the statements:

heading1 =~ /(?i)Welcome.*/
heading2 ==~ /(?i)Welcome.*/

effectively become:

assert (heading1 =~ /(?i)Welcome.*/) == true     // [1]      
assert (heading2 ==~ /(?i)Welcome.*/) == true    // [2] 

[2] will evaluate to a boolean and pass/fail as expected, whereas [1] evaluates to a java.util.regex.Matcher causing the failure.

See the Groovy Regex FAQ for an explanation of the difference between the two syntaxes.

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