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I am trying to use the effective record date pattern to simplify the domain model.

Person to Address is OneToMany, but as of a given date it is OneToOne.

Both Person and Address have a start and end date to account for changes over time. In addition, Address can be used in two roles - home and work.

I am using JPA 2.0 with Hibernate 4.2 extensions.

Therefore, I would like the domain objects to look like this:

Person class

public class Person {
Date effectiveDate; // used to filter Person and Address record by effective date

long id;

Date start;

Date end;

String firstName;

String lastName;

Address home; // not Collection<Address> homeAddresses;

Address work; // not Collection<Address> workAddresses;


and Address class

public class Address {

long id;

Date start;

Date end;

String street;

String city;

String state;


1. Is it possible to use @OneToOne for the Person to Address association even though the tables are in a OneToMany association?

2. How best to do this using JPA annotations? Hibernate provides @Filter, but wouldn't that still assume a OneToMany association?

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