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Any suggestions on how to do paging in the mvc grid, in an easiest possible way? Please point me to sample code, if any

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Which platform are you using a MVC pattern on? – Lazarus Nov 18 '09 at 12:10


I think this question has been asked already, but here is the question I'm referring to: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/496470/paging-sorting-grids-with-asp-net-mvc

Also, this is a very concise tutorial on how to do this:

Some snippets from the above link:

Use this to get a selector on your page to allow the user to determine the number of rows to display per page:

<%= Html.DropDownList("pageSize", CustomerController.PageSizeSelectList(), new { onchange = "onPageSizeChange()" })%> rows per page

Then in a custom page controller write this code:

public static SelectList PageSizeSelectList()
    var pageSizes = new List {"1", "2", "5", "10", "100"};
    return new SelectList(pageSizes, "Value");

Now add the JavaScript to the page:

//Set hidden variable to go to next/prev/last/first page and submit the form
function goToPage(pageIndex) {


//Set action performed in hidden variable. When PageSize changes - PageIndex needs to be
//reset to 1. This logic will go on the server side.
function onPageSizeChange(pageIndex) {

function submitForm() {
    var form = $("#grid").parents("form:first");

Then update your page controller to perform the paging:

public ActionResult List(int currentPage, int pageSize, string gridAction)
        //Do logic depending on what action was performed
    if (gridAction == "PageSizeChanged")
    	currentPage = 1;

        //Check if there are no results.  In this case return empty list.
    IQueryable query = _customerService.GetQueryable();
    int totalRows = query.Count();
    if (totalRows==0)
    	return View(new List());

    int totalPages = (int)Math.Ceiling((double)totalRows / (double)pageSize);
    if (totalPages != 1)
    	//use LINQ to perform paging
    	query = query.Skip((currentPage - 1) * pageSize)

        //Update ViewData collection to display pager stats and pager controls
    UpdatePagerViewData(totalPages, totalRows, currentPage, pageSize);

    List customers = query.ToList();
    return View(customers);

I hope this helps,


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