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I have some view inside wich there are an UIWebView. For performance reasons, I do not allocate the Web view on the fly, but it is set into IB and linked with a class outlet. When I do not need it, I set its hidden property to YES.

But, after having profiled my application because of performance problems, I noticed that when resizing the views containing those UIWebViews, they take a huge amount of time in :

[WebFrame(WebInternal) _drawRect:contentsOnly:]

So to prevent this, I also set their scalesPageToFit to NO, but this doesn't change anything.
I've tested deleting them from the project, and yes, the resize of the view is really much faster.

So how can I prevent the UIWebViews that are hidden to eat my process time in useless drawing work ?

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Instead of hiding the UIWebView try removing it from the container view using removeFromSuperview. When you want to make it visible again add it back as a subview. This should keep the instance of the UIWebView in memory and prevent it from redrawing when it is not visible.

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Very nice tip :) –  Oliver Jul 9 '13 at 21:37

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