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I am using AngularJS and trying to make tags manager directive with http://welldonethings.com/tags/manager. Problem is, when jQuery plugin is called, tags input and name input doesn't have {{index}} value yet. How could I fix it?

My HTML code:

 <div ng-repeat="(index, title) in shop.locales"  style="position: relative">  
    <span> {{ title }}</span>  
    <div class="input-block">  
      <input tags prefilled="product.tags[index]" tags-options="{hiddenTagListName: scope.locale+'_tagList'}" locale="index" class="{{index}} tag tm-input" name="{{ index }}_tags" placeholder="Tags"/>  

And JS:

app.directive('tags', function(){
    return {
        restrict: 'EA',
        scope: { prefilled: '=prefilled', locale: '=locale'},
        link: function(scope, element, attrs) {

            scope.$watch('prefilled', function(prefilled) {

                return element.tagsManager(scope.$eval(attrs.tagsOptions));

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Have you tried to wrap your logic in callback of $timeout with zero delay?

Like this:

$timeout(function yourLogicHere() {}, 0);

This callback should be called after $digest cycle, so all data should already been bound to DOM.

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