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I can read my FileGDB (ArcGIS 10.1) with GDAL-library (1.10) using ogrinfo and sql filtering datasets by FID

ogrinfo "...\test.gdb" -sql "SELECT edited FROM 'plz_simple_copy' WHERE fid = 1864" --debug on -dialect OGRSQL

or this way by OBJECTID

ogrinfo "...\test\plz.gdb" "plz_simple_copy" -where OBJECTID=1864

The result is:

using driver `FileGDB' successful.
Layer name: plz_simple_copy
Geometry: Multi Polygon
plz (String) = 26452
quelle (String) = osm
osm_id (String) = -1187754
edited (DateTime) = 2013/07/09 17:34:49
Shape_Length (Real) = 0.401490815379519
Shape_Area (Real) = 0.00612509834536042

...but I need to filter the data by the date field "edited". I tried a lot of variations e.g.

ogrinfo "...\test.gdb" "plz_simple_copy" -where edited = '2013/07/09 17:34:49' 
ogrinfo "...\test.gdb" "plz_simple_copy" -where edited = '2013-07-09 17:34:49'    
ogrinfo "...\test.gdb" "plz_simple_copy" -where "edited" = date '2013-07-09 17:34:49'

.. but I didn't get it. Somebody has an idea how to solve that problem?

best greetings from Berlin ralf

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where do you write ogrinfo? In the visual studio command prompt? @ralf –  sepideh Sep 12 '13 at 21:25

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I also opened this thread in the ArcGIS Forum "File Geodatabase API" and got the answere there http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/88662-read-ESRI-FileGeoDataBase-sql-filter-on-date-field

the right code has to be

ogrinfo "...\test.gdb" "plz_simple_copy" -where "edited = date '2013/07/09 17:34:49'"

maybe someone can need this, too

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