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Facebook has a code generator for your pages that you manage that supposedly hooks you up with the designated code. After 3 months of repeated efforts, I've never gotten any of my pages to link up with the code to my website. Never. I've wasted hours, if not days on this to no avail. Second request here for help. Frustrating at best to get no responses at all!


I enter the url into the box and hit get code. The read-out is associated with a two part javascript sdk and an html insertion. I get that. JS goes first into body and then pick a spot for your like button right? Got that.

WHAT'S BAFFLING: In the LIKE button plug-in code, there's a drop-down box, to the right of the list Number 1. The box reads: This script uses the app ID of your app: (this is the bug) the code reads into an app that is NOT associated with that FB account! It references a so-called APP that I built erroneously, by using old schooling methods taught in a class that are no longer applicable. The app was mistakenly created to create an iFrame for another FB page. Doesn't matter. I can't get rid of this app reference, which must be why the code does NOT show up in the web page. Why would it, if it isn't even associated with the page. In fact, I tried to associate the code with the actual page that it should be associated with and it still did not show up...no place holder NOTHING!

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You may need to generate a new app for this site and just play ball with FB as they dictate. It doesn't matter if the dropdown references an irrelevant app since it will be tied to your fb account as a host. So just make a new app, assign it the relevant URL and use that in the dropdown. –  Kai Qing Jul 9 '13 at 21:21
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