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I thought this would work but it appears to be only removing the - and the whitespace after it.

$itemList[] = preg_replace('/-(.*?)/i', "", $temp['item']);
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$itemList[] = preg_replace('/-(.*)$/i', "", $temp['item']);

The $ symbol matches the end of the input, so forces the .* to grab to the end.

Adding a ? after the * makes it un-greedy, meaning it will grab the minimum possible, not the maximum possible, so in this case it is exactly what you don't want.

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Actually, removing the ? should be enough. .* will be greedy and match as much as it can. Works either way, though. –  Kobi Nov 18 '09 at 13:12

Why were you using non-greedy *? ?

$itemList[] = preg_replace('/-.*/i', "", $temp['item']);

Also, the capturing parens were unnecessary.

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