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I've been tasked with finding a way to change our company's video privacy settings from private to public. The reason for this is that we originally upload the videos as private, but at a certain time we publish the videos, and at that time they need to be made public. I have found that in Java there is a method called something like this:


I haven't been able to find a similar method to this in the python interface. Does anyone know if there is a way to do change the privacy settings for videos using the python interface to the youtube api version 2?


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I figured out a way to change a video from private to public using the python interface to youtube.

First we get the entry:

entry = yt_service.GetYouTubeVideoEntry('' % video_id)

Next we remove the string '<ns1:private />' and create a new entry from the new string:

match ='(.*)(<ns1:private />)(.*)', str(entry))

newentry =

Finally we update the entry on youtube:


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