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I have a few columns in a table that are added to my publication articles. When a change on a column that is not included in replication occurs, it still seems to update the msrepl_tran_version which i assume still assigns the row for replication. Is this how SQL-Server works? Is there a way to tell sql only to relicate rows when a colum that is included in the articles is changed and not when a non-replicated column is changed?

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Please note that "SQL" is not a synonym for "SQL Server"! – Tony Andrews Nov 18 '09 at 14:30
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There is no way to avoid this aside from hacking the system-generated triggers and procedures (which is very, very, very strongly discouraged). I'd strongly encourage you to enter a bug/suggestion at Microsoft Connect outlining this issue and how it is affecting your environment. There are others you may want to recruit in your cause as well.

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