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My knowledge in VB6 is basic. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this code and a little tutorial if possible.

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE " & "JOB" & " like '" & searchkey & "%'" And "CloseJob" & " like '" & "NO" & "%'"

I tried searching for it but can't find any VB6 code for multiple criteria. Or I'm just terrible in searching hehe.

the original code was

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE " & "JOB" & " like '" & searchkey & "%'"

so I thought by adding AND at the end, and make another criteria would solve the problem hehe.

thanks in advance.

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Your AND needs to be inside the quotes:

    SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE " & _
          "JOB like '" & searchkey & "%' And CloseJob like 'NO%'"

Basically, all this line is doing is concatenating strings, and in this case, the only variable that needs to be inserted into the concatenated string is searchkey.

On a side note, I added the vb6 line continuation: & _ for readability.

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Well, you could do something as below, where you would replace with the column name and the variable name, respectively. This gets anything like somethingElse with a wildcard on both ends.

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE JOB LIKE '" & searchkey & "%' AND CloseJob LIKE 'NO%'"
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