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I'm using the nanoc toolbox gem to add tag pages to a site. I'm calling it as shown below :

preprocess do
    create_tag_pages( nil, { :identifier => "/somthingElse/{options[:tag_pattern]}/" } )

compile '/somthingElse/*/' do
    filter :haml
    layout 'tags'

which is pretty much the same as the example provided in the documentation, with two exceptions;

  1. :haml instead of :erb filter and using 'tags'(an existing and working layout) instead of "default". This shouldn't effect anything, and this section seems to be working perfectly. Just putting it in for completeness.

  2. Calling create_tag_pages with arguments, as described in the ruby doc for this function. This doesn't throw any errors(I've purposefully malformed this block to make sure that this block is executing, then put it back.), but my tag pages are still showing up at /tags/<tagname> instead of /somthingElse/<tagname>

I strongly suspect that my argument isn't getting through to the module, or i've misinformed my function call- i'm still picking up ruby, this is only my fourth project in it, and It's been a while so this is a distinct probability. However, i've read a few docs that say this is right, and i'm not getting errors, so I'm asking.

Thanks for any help. Sorry for wasting your time if this is trivial.

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